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Short report from the court sitting where the request to buy PS28 was dealt with (15th February 2006)

indymedia, Kieviet - 15.02.2006 16:17

At the court sitting there was, in addition to auction broker van Rooijen and the lawyers of the ING, Mr. Segaar (with 3 friends) and Mr. Dogan (from Dogan vastgoed that had bid 250,000). Judge Beukenhorst (known from the banner affair, the berlageblokken and many squatting cases) asked the people present (and this was particularly directed at Dogan) if anybody wanted to make a higher bid. These bids were submitted using small pieces of paper that, unseen by the other bidders, had to be given to the judge.

Dogan raised his bid to 350,000 euro, but Segaar raised his previous 330,000 bid to 369,000. The case was further settled in court, Segaar had already signed a purchase agreement and thus becomes the new owner of PS28 (as soon as he transfers the money.)

Our general impression is that both parties really badly wanted to buy the house. After the court case Dogan could be seen feverishly telephoning. It was clear that Dogan was acting on behalf of a third party that thus has failed to buy the property. Striking is that the final price was around 100,000 euros above the original estimate made by the auction broker (250,000.)