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Accountant of the owner to buy PS28? (15th February 2006)

[am*dam] accountant of the owner to buy PS28?
Domela - 15.02.2006 10:01

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From information that was recently obtained by SPOK it turns out that our house Pretoriusstraat 28 will stay once again in the hands of the same gang of speculators, even though the name of the owner is again going to change. While "house milker" and supplier of black-market labour McCarthy seems finally to have gone bankrupt, his accountant Van den Elshout has suddenly come along with another front man to buy the house. This is a form of bankruptcy fraud that is taking place under the watching eye of the ING Bank, a bank that will probably once again issue the next mortgage so that what were formerly social renting appartments can be further toyed with.

There follows the press release from SPOK.


Accountant of criminal attempts hand-to-hand purchase of BIBOB house

Following the bankruptcy of owner Joseph McCarthy (as a consequence of the collapse of his black-market labour network) his property Pretoriusstraat 28 is supposed to be sold at auction. McCarthy's accountant Johannes van den Elshout however continues to try - via one of his business partners - to keep hold of the property, by buying the house directly "hand-to-hand" before it comes to an auction. Following an 'integrity investigation' carried out by city borough council Oost-Watergraafsmeer, a building permit issued in May 2005 was withdrawn in January of this year, on the basis of the law BIBOB. By using the medium of a hand-to-hand purchase by a seemingly unrelated third party, however, the reach of the law BIBOB can be evaded.

At the beginning of 2006 the property Pretoriusstraat 28 was put on the list to be sold at (foreclosure) auction, because owner McCarthy no longer payed his mortage. As well as 690,000 euro in debts claimed by the mortage giver (the ING Bank), there also lie seizure orders on the property for at least another 1,5 million euro in debts, amongst others from the tax service. Three weeks ago the property was suddenly taken off the auction because a certain Robert Leon Segaar from Den Haag turns out to have made an offer to buy the house directly (i.e. before it comes to auction.)

From further research it turns out that Mr. Segaar is the owner of a building in the city centre of Haarlem, together with Johannes van den Elshout from administration office Pro Genius BV. There have also been seizure orders places on this building, by a former client of Pro Genius, this time in connection with the fraudulent acquisition of money from a third party. The very same Johannes van den Elshout and his business Pro Genius have managed for years the administration of pretty much all activities of McCarthy. Indeed, van den Elshout was also the accountant for Nedzorg BV, where in April 2005 a raid was carried out by the SIOD (a branch of the Dutch intelligence services). It was this raid that consequntly lead to the seizure order from the tax services, mentioned above.

Van den Elshout has already managed once before to keep the property out of the auction hall, in a situation comparable to this. At the end of 2004, namely, Pretoriusstraat 28 was supposed to be sold at auction, a decision made by the mortage giver at that time (the RABO bank.) Van den Elshout managed at this point to arrange a mortage from the ING Bank (which is now the current mortgage) so that the property of Transfund BV (with McCarthy as director) could be transfered to McCarthy, functioning under his own name. By rolling up once again with another 'new' owner a number of problems can be solved in one blow. The debts of McCarthy stay standing on his own name, whilst the property in question can be put back on the market with a clean slate, to secure (for example) new mortages, new 'value rises' and legally recordable profits. Furthermore, the integrity of a new owner is not automatically called into question by the government. But in reality it is the umpteenth smoke curtain.

The court sitting, in which the request to buy the house hand-to-hand will be dealt with, takes place on wednesday 15th february at the courthouse at the Parnassuesweg in Amsterdam.

Spekulatie Onderzoeks Kollektief Amsterdam



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