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Bank files complaint against BIBOB (10th April 2006)

from indymedia, by S. Miranda, originally posted 15.02.2006

At the end of January 2006 the auction-broker van Rooijen (acting on behalf of the ING Bank and the new owners of Pretoriusstraat 28) filed a complaint against the withdrawal of the Pretoriusstraat 28 building permit. The building permit had been withdrawn in accordance with the law BIBOB.

The broker claims that the withdrawal of the permit unfairly impacted on the ING Bank and the (at the time of the withdrawal) as yet unknown, "new" owners. The speculator McCarthy, whose business practices gave rise to the application of the law BIBOB in the first place, has also filed a complaint. On tuesday 11th April there will be a sitting to consider these complaints. The house has meanwhile ended up in the hands of the old and the new accountant of McCarthy.

Following research (and a raid of his office in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid in 2005) by the SIOD, the Stadsdeel Oost/Watergraafsmeer decided (at the beginning of January 2006) to withdraw the building permit which McCarthy had already obtained for his property Pretoriusstraat 28, in east Amsterdam. This withdrawal was on the basis of an "integrity check". In the aftermath of the raid the tax service (amongst others) laid seizure claims on McCarthy's properties and bank accounts, an action motivated by tax demands against McCarthy amounting to as much as 1 million euros! At the end of 2005 the mortage-giver, the ING Bank, decided to terminate her business relations with McCarthy, and decided to put the property Pretoriusstraat 28 on auction.

At the end of Janurary 2006 the auction broker van Rooijen filed a complaint (in the name of the bank and potential purchasers of the house) against the withdrawal, a mechanism to secure a higher price for the house at auction. In the meantime the house has been sold (outside auction) to a quartet of investors, for a price that is at least 150% of the realistic value of the house. Further research has shown, however, that the 'new' owners are all business partners of McCarthy's former accountant Johannes van den Elshout. One of the new owners, Pepijn Koch, is director of NBC van Roemburg and partners, the adminstration office that has taken care of McCarthy's bookwork since the summer of 2005.

From evidence submitted together with the complaints (against the withdrawal of the building permit) it turns out that Van den Elshout and Koch, in their functions as accountants, have lent their co-operation to what seems to be a money laundering operation involving hundreds of thousands of euros. As director of his cleaning business Nedzorg McCarthy earned as much as 278,000 euro (!) per year, while Nedzorg was a one-person business! The administration of Nedzorg was taken care of for years by Van den Elshout, and Koch's NBC van Roemburg took care of (until the present day) the complaint letters at the tax service and the UWV.

The sitting at which the complaints (against the withdrawal of the building permit) will be considered is open to the public and is scheduled for tuesday 11th april at 10.15am in the council chamber of the Stadsdeel Oost/Watergraafsmeer offices, Linneausstraat 89 in Amsterdam.

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